If the run of the mill procedures are not what you need, talk to us to customise a particular solution to your needs. From time to time, we are able to design and deliver processes outside the boundaries of normal operations to cater for the varying degree of needs that you may have. If it's not in our service offering, we'll tailor a customised solution for you. That means, we offer you the opportunity to write your own service brochure, to let us know how you would like things handled and delivered. After all, it's your cargo.

Ramp Airside

  • Inbound special handling
    • Charter aircraft to aircraft transfer of cargo within 90 mins.
    • Charter aircraft to truck flights transfer within 90 mins
    • Handling of outsized cargo with special equipments
  • Export special handling
    • Personalised handling at aircraft sites, such as providing additional manpower/equipments and recording events.
    • Zone loading within the aircraft for outsized cargo.
    • Additional security and protection against weather elements.
    • Safe transportation and staging of live animals.

Contact Person

Name: Jamaludin Ismail
Designation: Head of Cargo Operations
Tel No: +603 8777 1805
Fax No: +603 8783 3028
Email: jamaludin.ismail@malaysiaairlines.com